Grand Concert Guitars

Lorenzo Lippi guitars are thought and conceived to support the expressivity of every musician.

Each instrument has to favor the sound and the technique the player has in mind: the guitar shouldn’t be the one to impose its personality to the musician, whereas help their creativity; not a wild horse to be tamed, but a docile instrument in the hands of the player.

The playability is our key focus, the comfort of the musician is the first and fundamental characteristic we aspire to, together with the right balance between the different registers: neither excessive bass notes at the expense of the middle and high registers, nor bright trebles without the right harmonic support of the lower strings, but a general balance able to follow the will of the musician in every tone/volume modulation, albeit energetic.

All of above mixed with obviously the right sustain and a tone rich of harmonics that allows different shades of sound, ranging from rich and fat basses to bright and expressive trebles.

Lorenzo Lippi guitars are born “mature”, but are also conceived to develop together with the musician, improve, and constantly evolve with the musician sound world.