Notes about the first address of Luigi Embergher in Rome.

News about Embergher’s workshop in Rome between 1893 and 1937 from the time’s yearbooks.

The first period of Luigi Embergher’s activity in Rome, after coming from Arpino, as well as the year this activity began and the list of addresses he changed, are often treated in a contradictory way by different sources, even recently, and until today there is no serious and documented filing work to support a reliable reconstruction.

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   Italiano Embergher Monaci

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Is the “colascioncino” the eighteenth-century ancestor of “Cremonese” or “Bresciano” mandolin?

A new iconographic source, a new hypothesis of philological reconstruction

About “colascione” it has been written so much, but less we know certainly concerning to executive procedure; equally less known is the use of “colascioncino” – the smallest instrument of the family – and “Cremonese” or “Bresciano” mandolin, of which few written music has come there only, to forehead of reliable historical traces, about a very diffused use between the XVIII and the beginning of the XIX century.